Tissue Patch Dural

Tissue Patch Dural is designed specifically for use to seal and reinforce sutured Dura against CSF leakage in neuro and spinal surgery.

Tissue Patch Dural Surgical Film:

Prevent Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks in Seconds

TissuePatchDural is optimised to address the demands of Neurosurgeons in the prevention of Cerebrospinal fluid leaks. It is fully synthetic and formulated using absorbable polymers encountered in everyday surgery, the culmination of over six years of research and development focus. Conformable to complex surfaces - it works like a surgical “cling-film”, complying with underlying tissues while supporting suture lines.

Key features:

  • Zero preparation time
  • Uniform thin film – easy to apply
  • Effective in 60 seconds
  • Synthetic – no foreign proteins
  • Transparent – aids visualisation of underlying tissues
  • 40 microns thick – tiny amount of foreign material
  • Fluid-tight layer across the application surface


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